Why Joseph

Many of the men that Fr. Dustin met during prison visits related to Joseph from the Old Testament because the young Joseph was separated from his family, treated harshly, and ended up in prison for many years of his life.

The happy ending of Joseph came about with reconciliation with his family and those that harmed him, and with his dreams coming true.

It is clear from the biblical story, that Joseph’s God never abandoned him but was with him amongst all his trials. God used all the bad things that happened to Joseph for his good, to save the entire world, and thus this story has inspired hope for those languishing in prison, that their dreams of freedom may also come true.

Joseph House commemorates the moment of forgiveness when Joseph confronts the trauma of his past, in a house of safety, with truth and reconciliation.

We provide safe, trauma-informed housing for men who are recently released from prison.

Ensuring our residents have their own space and privacy, as well as a beautiful shared living area, kitchen, and green space,  is important to addressing the depravity that they endured while incarcerated.


We provide assessments prior to a potential resident’s release to determine their reentry needs. We will use this information to formulate a plan with residents for their reentry.

Community Service

We provide community service opportunities for residents who may need to complete community service hours.


We provide transportation for residents to all needed appointments, until they are able to obtain their own transportation.

Case Management

We provide clinical case management through our LCSW on staff.

Joseph House exists because 95% of the 100,000 men and women currently incarcerated in Florida will be released.

Without support services, two-thirds will return to prison within three years.

Joseph House walks with the formerly incarcerated through their transition into free society through a process we call accompaniment.

We ease the burdens created by the multiple obstacles they face. Some ways that we intervene to protect our residents from facing their transition alone include facilitating safe housing, paying court fees, finding employment, and providing resources for physical and mental health services.

Our journey together aims to create opportunities for participants to become self-sustaining and contributing members of society. They progress at their own pace, led by their needs and values, inspired by their hopes and dreams