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Meet Joseph House

A commitment to full reintegration into society.

Joseph House accompanies our returning citizens back into a life of freedom. We provide safe housing, community support, and other services to ensure each person safely reintegrates back into society.

Joseph House

Virtual Gala

We would like to invite you to our 2nd Annual Joseph House “Virtual” Gala on Friday, December 4th. Our theme for this special night is: Come let us Dream Together!

We are thrilled that Dr. Micah McCreary, President of New Brunswick Theological Seminary, will be our Keynote Speaker. It will be a rich evening as Bishop Bill Wack will also join us for this virtual gala.

This virtual event will also feature our residents and community members sharing their dreams for the upcoming year at Joseph House.

Join us for this Virtual Event

December 4th


"Proximity has taught me some basic and humbling truths, including this vital lesson:
Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

– Bryan Stevenson

Our Impact

Meet Qwan

Eight months after Bishop Wack green-lit Joseph House, we began accompanying a 23-year-old man named Qwan as he left directly from solitary confinement to the Leon County bus station where a few of our volunteers met him, took him to lunch, and began accompanying him through the various stages of reintegration.

Our Impact

Meet Quintin

We take dreams seriously at Joseph House. He’s experienced the prison system, and the feeling of condemnation in his re-entry from incarceration. At Joseph House, he serves as our House Manager, and is currently enrolled in the Paralegal Studies Program at TCC.

Our Impact

Meet Tyler

Tyler completed his MSW at the FSU College of Social Work, and last year was our first intern at Joseph House. Now Tyler is now on our staff, helping our residents reintegrate back into society.

Slavery - Lynching - Execution - Mass Incarceration

the problem.

Mass incarceration is an extension of our past.

The United States has the highest prison population in the world, housing roughly 22% of all prisoners in the world. Long before this record was set, we had a history of lynching, slavery, and executions. 

Imprisoned in Florida

Mass Incarceration

We know there is a problem.

Florida’s incarceration rate exceeds every country on the planet. In this era of mass incarceration, when millions are warehoused in prisons and jails, the dignity of the human person is compromised. 


We are committed to change.

In a process Joseph House calls accompaniment, we prioritize the material, relational, and spiritual needs of the human person by walking with them as friends and advocates as they rejoin us in free society.

Our Past

Our past tells a gruesome tale of publicly recorded slave sales, convict leasing, forced labor camps, torture, lynching, and executions.

Our Present

The problems of our past take new form in our present with men and women warehoused in jails and prisons at shockingly high rates.

Our Future

Through a process we call accompaniment, Joseph House is committed to change on the personal, state, and national level.

The art of accompaniment


Some may volunteer by accompanying our residents through challenging tasks. 

Others may wish to volunteer by assisting helping us around the house, creating a sense of belonging for all of us.

Finally, others may simply want to join us on occasion at our community events to learn more.

Responding to Material Needs


There are very real costs to create a home for those hoping to re-enter society after incarceration. 

Joseph House, through the generosity of our donors, has been able to take concrete steps towards justice by restoring the dignity of those leaving the prison systems.

Sharing the Good News


In less than one year our ministry has grown in leaps and bounds, impacting the lives of many for one simple reason: people are sharing the good news. 

We encourage you to share Joseph House with your family, your friends, your community, inviting them to join us as we join those re-entering society after prison.

chain gang

Joseph House Lecture Series

Florida’s Convict Lease System and its Legacy of Prison Abuse

Join us on February 20th at 7PM as we explore the history of Florida’s Convict Lease system, a time when Florida’s incarcerated were leased to businesses for the exploitation of prison labor. Peter A. Cowdrey, Educator-in-Residence, Museum of Florida History, will guide us through this violent history which tragically survived through the intervening decades. Please email us for more information on this event. 

Restoring Dignity

In a time when millions of individuals are warehoused in prisons and jails, the dignity of the human person is compromised.

In a process Joseph House calls accompaniment, we prioritize the material, relational, and spiritual needs of the human person by walking with them as friends and advocates as they rejoin us in free society. Joseph House seeks to serve those most in need of restoration.