We provide safe, trauma-informed housing for men who are recently released from prison.

Ensuring our residents have their own space and privacy, as well as a beautiful shared living area, kitchen, and green space,  is important to addressing the depravity that they endured while incarcerated.

We provide


We provide assessments prior to a potential resident’s release to determine their reentry needs. We will use this information to formulate a plan with residents for their reentry.

Community Service

We provide community service opportunities for residents who may need to complete community service hours.


We provide transportation for residents to all needed appointments, until they are able to obtain their own transportation.

Case Management

We provide clinical case management through our LCSW on staff.

We assist

Basic Necessities

We assist with setting up residents with food stamps, important documents (birth certificates, social security card, ID), medical care, mental health care, and clothing and hygiene items when they arrive.

Probation Assistance

We assist residents with completing any needed classes or requirements for probation by connecting them to providers in the area, paying associated class fees, and providing transportation as needed.

Fee Assistance

We assist with paying for probation fees, court costs, and other fees that may prevent residents from receiving their driver’s license.

Independent Living

We assist residents with making a plan for independent living and with coordinating material needs upon moving out.

We help

Emotional Support

We continue to provide emotional support and assistance for residents who have moved on to independent living.

Bank Accounts

We also help residents with setting up their own bank accounts.

Long-Term Dreams

We help residents connect with people that will help them reach their long-term dreams. We’ve had residents connect with career opportunities and colleges that will help them to achieve their dreams, as well as mentors that are helping them to succeed.

Release Clothing

We obtain release clothing for residents who are releasing to Joseph House. We pick them up from the facility and take them to complete those vital first-day reentry tasks to probation, the Sheriff’s Office, and the store to pick up needed items.