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Joseph House is a home and community for men released from prison.

We are a nonprofit ministry of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Pensacola-Tallahassee. We offer a wide range of services for our brothers coming out of prison as we accompany them in their reintegration back into free society and their complete restoration into our communities.

We are more than a house - we are a home.

Most have heard the famous Talmudic passage, “Whoever saves one life, saves the world.” Joseph House began with this premise. Meeting men incarcerated and living in the brutal conditions of solitary confinement, we recognized many feared the notion of freedom rather than welcomed it because they had nowhere to go, we thought, one by one, we can make their lives better. We can make the world better. What we have discovered is many of these men make our community better when they can finally breathe the fresh air of peace and goodness. Our lives are better with them walking alongside us.

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The latest news, stories and reflections.

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Kevin Wessa

Introducing Fr. Joseph

We at Joseph House are thrilled to welcome Fr. Yozefu-Balikuddembe Semakula (Fr. Joseph). Fr. Joseph was ordained to the priesthood in 1993 in Kampala, Uganda.

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Kevin Wessa

Seasons Greetings from Fr. Dustin

One late afternoon before Christmas a few years ago, a few brothers and I were watching Fellowship of the Ring. As Frodo, Samwise, Merry, and

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Kevin Wessa

Reflections: 2023 Winter Gala

This year we celebrated 5 years of our mission here at JH. For our 5th Annual Gala, we commemorated this special year with an extraordinary

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"Proximity has taught me some basic and humbling truths, including this vital lesson:
Each of us is more than the worst thing we’ve ever done.

– Bryan Stevenson

The art of accompaniment


Some may volunteer by accompanying our residents through challenging tasks.

Others may wish to volunteer by assisting helping us around the house, creating a sense of belonging for all of us.

Finally, others may simply want to join us on occasion at our community events to learn more.

Responding to Material Needs


There are very real costs to create a home for those hoping to re-enter society after incarceration. 

Joseph House, through the generosity of our donors, has been able to take concrete steps towards justice by restoring the dignity of those leaving the prison systems.

Sharing the Good News


In less than one year our ministry has grown in leaps and bounds, impacting the lives of many for one simple reason: people are sharing the good news. 

We encourage you to share Joseph House with your family, your friends, your community, inviting them to join us as we join those re-entering society after prison.

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