On June 29th, our community celebrated the blessing of Joseph House with Bishop Bill Wack and many other friends of Joseph.

The day’s theme was clearly a celebration of a new space created to make easier for us to love one another and receive love from others. As Bishop Bill quoted from Peter Maurin, we aspire “to create a world where it’s easier for people to do good.” In the days to come we hope new friendships will be forged here at Joseph House. 

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We began our first practicum on carpentry on an unseasonably warm day in Wakulla county just south of Tallahassee. Joseph House has begun to offer vocational programming which we will continue to expand.

Whether it be carpentry, computer science, or another trade, we hope to prepare those at Joseph House for meaningful work. Our vocational programming includes guidance on workplace expectations; vocational skills and interests; opportunities for developing computer skills, resumes, interview skills and networking with future employers; and opportunities to develop career interests and dreams.


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Through your help Joseph House is able to provide support services to accompany those most affected by mass incarceration.