The following is a submission by Quintin Storey, a resident of Joseph House.

Back in 1992 Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall spoke of how urgent the issue of segregation and victimization of the black American must be addressed. He spoke of racism and prejudice and pointed out that it was not only a distant memory at that time. Justice Marshall perceived that the life chances of “black” Americans is gravely impacted by inequality as a result of indifference, fear, hatred, and mistrust, which he ominously noted would become fatal moving forward. He spoke of a need to improve the life chances of “black” Americans. Marshall perceived the systemic labeling and the strategic aggression would amount to social and political chaos.

Rebuilding 1

As we come to terms with blatant forms of inequalities in our communities, we have decided to challenge indifference, fear, racism, by making a conscious decision to practice habits of truth-telling, forgiveness and compassion. These values must begin somewhere in this nation, let us always remember, a building is built one block at a time.

-Quintin Storey

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The art of accompaniment


Some may volunteer by accompanying our residents through challenging tasks.

Others may wish to volunteer by assisting helping us around the house, creating a sense of belonging for all of us.

Finally, others may simply want to join us on occasion at our community events to learn more.

Responding to Material Needs


There are very real costs to create a home for those hoping to re-enter society after incarceration. 

Joseph House, through the generosity of our donors, has been able to take concrete steps towards justice by restoring the dignity of those leaving the prison systems.

Sharing the Good News


In less than one year our ministry has grown in leaps and bounds, impacting the lives of many for one simple reason: people are sharing the good news. 

We encourage you to share Joseph House with your family, your friends, your community, inviting them to join us as we join those re-entering society after prison.

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